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God is good
Friday, October 29, 2004

Haven been blogging for bout a week le...have been very bz...hee...God is so good....He have been sending pple to bless me financially...last week,my colleague pass me a card..there is some cash inside...thought she is giving for my support...but at the last line of the card...she told me the $ is for my personal use...i was very touched because i noe she is also raising support and she gotta provide for her family...i asked her bout the blessing...she told me that every month she will set aside some $ to bless people...this time round she was asking God whom she should give and i jus came to her mind...so she decicde to bless me with the money...God is so amazing..He work in ways we can never imagine...at night my uncle bless me with more again coz he bought lottery with the wrong number n it actually came out 1st prize n he strike $10 000...amazing....though i have not clear off my debts...but i noe He will help me...i told God that once i come out of this debt...i will plan my finance properly...hmm...thinking of canceling one of my hp line and my internet..since i seldom use internet at home....from Mon to yesterday,my attachment company have our campus summit (company planning & retreat). I have a great time as we seldom see our staff so crazy...i was there when they are planning ahead for the next year...of coz we had fun too...i enjoyed myself,i also gotta noe the staff even better...haha...there are a few staff whom i m afraid of, but after the summit, i became quite close with one of them coz of our passion for china bah...we r not very close but now i dare to "bully" her...haha.....1 more week to go before the end of attachment....feeling mix....happy and sad..happy is finally me n my classmates can c each other everyday le...but sad is having to leave the wonderful colleagues i have here...they have been so nice to me...btw,people...my church service is on sunday now,so can ask me out on fri in future but still need to tell me in advance coz me still got work my part time job...Yeah...God is good....hmmm...yesterday is the 1st day Jin Lian took the whole cg...hahha..can c that she is nervous...but i think she did a great job..jia you...

Monday, October 25, 2004

teck heng so cute..adam is praying, lulu and meijia acting cute, and I am naturally tht sweet haha
Fun day in church

E316 cell group!!
Fun day in church

Me and XiaoMa..we flow by wearing pink haha
Fun day in church

Nic with his silly dirty smelly shirt haha
Fun day in church

Nic and his sweat/rain filled shirt...Yucks..Can you tell that is a shirt in his hand? It is able to stand because of his sweat. haha
Fun day in church

Me and the 'Mad' hongkonger haha
Fun day in church

LuLu wrapping Adam in a carpet. Dont you think LuLu looks scary?
Fun day in church

Talk no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil
Fun day in church

Me and Birdie smiling sweetly! :)
Fun day in church

So Tired
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In my last post,i mentioned that i be attending Christology...haha....after a few lessons....its not as difficult as the textbook seem....scare me sia...me so happy...God have been so good to me...recieve blessings again...can't wait for cg to come this thu n share with everyone...had my napfa test on sat...so sad..i failed my 2.4km run...but i might pass coz i still 18 yrs old....hahahah.....hmmm....my timing was 17.40 mins...so dissappointed with myself....haiz....train so hard in the end still fail...have been so tired...kept having sleepless nights for the past 1 week....if i manage to slp le...i will have nightmares....haiz...so tired....hmmm....now then i noe AI Ling read my blog almost everyday...so for her sake...will try to update my blog daily...haha....hmmm...my 2nd newsletter is finally ready...but no $ to print out yet...haha...any sponsers?hahah.... haiz...really need financial breakthrough...my hp bills accumulate for the past few months together with my internet bills....all sum up to bout 700+...sound scary...haiz...really hope i can clear all these debts...wan to cancel one of my hp line n my internet line coz finally the 2 years plan finish but nid to clear off the bills 1st...haiz....really so tight in my finances....

Brain Dead
Thursday, October 14, 2004

haha...goin to have my1st lesson on Christology tml...jus reading the text book..i already have difficulty..cannot do without a dictionary beside me...its really so chim....but will have to miss 1 whole day of lesson due to Napfa on sat but think they will video cam it down...hopefully..its from the institute of Biblical Studies...and it cost $80 excluding the text book for pple takng audit like me..haha..pple taking credit is $10 more...hmm....actually i still thinking whether i should take audit or credit...if i take audit,i dun have to do the assignment which is a research write up of 10 pages long on both sides and have to take the final exam...but if i take audit...jus need to go thru the lessons..hee...big difference but of coz credit will be better...but kinda scared....but my colleague who is co-ordinating this course call me to think thru it...tue then give her the ans...God,should i take audit or should i take credit?taking credit means like having exams after 1 whole week of intensive bible study...but the reading so chim...i have difficulty in understanding the text...hee...hmmm...maybe should have taken the other course on New Testament Survey...but well,i like the content of Christology more...its jus the text that is going to be hard,i believe..tml will be having my 1st lesson...God,give me the strength to go thru this whole week...well...this sat i be having my napfa...dun think i aiming gold for it le.,..haha...maybe silver,but i will jus do my best

Da Jie's bdae
Monday, October 11, 2004

that day the post i post on fed up..haha...was too chong dong le...haha..din really mean it...jus wanna express how i feel...da jie and bird birthday on the same days...i got a lot pple birthday on 10/10..haha..a good day to be born..so wishing all of you together...Da Jie;Priscilla;Pei Wen;Bernice..Happy Birthday....this is a link to the photos they have taken..http://serenepeishan.multiply.com/photos/album/3...too bad i cannot be there...


Hide me now,
under your wings.
Cover me,
within your mighty hand.
When the oceans rise and thunders roar,
I will soar with you above the storm,
Father you are king over the flood,
I will be still (and) know you're God

My dinner with clara!
Fun day in church

Me and huishan with really sweet smile!
Fun day in church

me and clara..smilz..
Fun day in church

Birthday girl! "Swimming"
Fun day in church

clara eating Naan sausage at MOS. Isnt she cute?
Fun day in church

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Aaron trying to look cool...haha
I miss blogging

Icecream again! Peanut butter and hazlenut chocolate
I miss blogging

YL: Hey u got problem
I miss blogging

Fed Up
Friday, October 08, 2004

haiz....quite fed up with my friends de...actually this sat i working..then sunday is one of my friend bdae..then they say they might go out on this sat...i say i working but i tell them i try take off....1st,sat they not goin out le,they din tell me...is i ask them de then i noe....then is like i could have work lor...think i very rich?i need the money from work coz dun think will be working next sem...arrgh..then now this sat i off...but got nothing to do at all...i hate this..i dun mind taking off for friends but i hate to have my off days doin nothing,being unfruitful...arrgh...i m so fed up...want cry liao


Its now 2.11am. Just finished one of my many never ending assignments and listening to Come Holy Spirit. It is one of my favourite songs and Kailin favourite too.

I reaching for Your heart,
You hold my life in Your hands.
Drawing me closer to You,
I feel Your power renew.
Nothing compares to this place
where I can see you face to face

Really love this song! I love you Jesus. Every word from this song is just what I really want to tell Jesus. In two days time, will be 10th Oct. It has been one year for me, ever since I make the decision to go to youth cell group and help out. God has indeed grown me a lot. In fact come to think of it, I have only accepted Christ for like 2 yrs 8mth. But somehow I feel as though I know Christ for many years. Well haha God formed me in my mum’s womb and He already has His perfect plan for me even before I was born so maybe that explains why I feel I know him for so long? haha

God has always been so good in my life. Many times when I am down, He never fail to show up. I love to go to Him in times of trouble because it is the place where I know I can really find love and comfort.

When the oceans rise and thunders roared,
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood.
I will be still know you are God

If anyone is to ask me, where is the safest place on earth, it would have to be in God arm. If anyone is to ask me, where can I find Love, it would have to be where God is. If anyone is to ask me, who can help me solve my problem, it would have to be our Jehovah God. Really, God is my solution for all things. Nothing is too small for Him to know nor too big. He cares about everything that is in our lives.

Over these two years, I have learnt to really trust God. Though sometimes, I might wavier, there is always this longing in my heart to go back to Him. I remember there are times where I would pray every night.
God, lock my back door, I dont want to leave you. I want to be with you forever, in eternal. I give you the keys to my back door and it will be safe with You!
I remember how I prayed till one day, God just speaks to me, Amber, your back door are safely locked. No one can unlock it anymore. Your keys are safe with me. I will never return you the keys and I will be with you forever.
And ever since that day, I never prayed about locking back door anymore. I know in my heart, that the door is so safely locked, that not even devil can unlock that door because the keys are safe with God.

Jesus I love you. Just want to say thanks for being with me. You are indeed awesome. Just want to encourage those who ever think of sliding away from God. God has never intended for us to leave him. If He can keep the keys to my back door so securely, He can do the same to you. Just believe in Him and trust Him in all situations and I believe He will reveal more of Himself to you! Amen!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Last but not least E316 Moonball Lisa!
I miss blogging

E316 solo breakdance
I miss blogging

The four handsome guys? :P Guess who is the one at the last?
I miss blogging

Delicious ice cream: Black Sesame and Mango
I miss blogging

My cat lazing around!
I miss blogging

Monday, October 04, 2004

hmmm....yesterday night was thinking of lots of things....hmmm...realise that everytime i m very close with this particular member and once i have change cg...then we will jus be not that close...really so sad...a lot r like that....even in ministry...we used to be close but not anymore....tears jus fill my eyes when i thought of that...recently also dunno wat happen....ever since wat happen at home...my walk with God is really up n down...my mood too....haiz...God..help me...

Holy & Anointed 1

Holy and anointed one
Your name is like honey on my lips
Your spirit like water to my soul
Your word is is a lamp unto my feet
Jesus I love you,I love you

wow..i jus love this song

God is good
Friday, October 01, 2004

yeah...finally got the mood to blog..haha...like amber..maybe thats y she is my mummy...haha...Yesterday cell group was great...hmmm...Bro Edmund lay hands on us to receive word from God....God spoke to me this verse in Psalms...Psalm 55:22--Cast your burden on the LORD,And He shall sustain you;He shall never permit the righteous to be moved...it really refresh me and encourage me..so many times i jus do things my way...running everywhere except towards God and i et tired easily because of all these...thank you Father for the word...yeah...haha..really my wishlist is getting longer each day le....hmmm...hee...but i believe it willbe strike off soon coz our Father provides....hee...hmmm...5 more weeks and it wil be the end of my attachment...sad n happy...mixed feelings....hmmm...mummy...God gave me a revelation thru a cute way..haha..looking forward to tell u... =)

Oh Yeah!

Finally can blog le! I am now using my desktop instead of laptop. Dont know whats wrong with my laptop. Maybe this is good! cause it will force me to pay attention in class! haha :) Supposed to be rushing my assignment now...but no mood to write. Have to hand in tomr morning! And I am still here blogging. Haha. Really brain dead right now. Should I go to sleep and wake up early to finish it up? Ok this sounds silly because I know I will not wake up! Know what is the topic of my assignment? Analyse the industry that Cox communication is in. Wanted to use Porter five forces, but my brain really sleeping now. Have so many terms like VOIP, CST..etc. Argh! Holy Spirit come and help me now! I really need your power to help me internalise what I have read.

Today have a BP test (Business Processes), did not really study finish but God is just so awesome. He makes my memory really good. haha can remember almost all that I studied. :)
Just now go and meet Moonball and have a chat with her..really like talking to her. Moonball you jia you ok! She told me about cheesy birdie haha. that was funny. :P Then after that I recorded Singapore Idol for her. I like Olinda. There's something about her that draws me to her. The way she looks and sing...coolz.

From tomorrow onwards, going to be real busy!
Fri - children church then service
Sat - children church then cell group then fellowship
Sun - service then fellowship then tuition
*gonna squeeze time in between to study!! God must enlarge my capacity and give me strength....really trusting in you!!!

Believing in God for Revival!

"You are the light of the world. let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:14,16

God's beloved child
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