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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Have a wonderful cg on saturday.. we had a combine cg with N256...we had a great praise & worship...then we have a very great fellowship time..all the angels are to reveal their mortal..give them their presents and save 1 thing that is so good bout their mortal..mine was Deborah Chan..i bought her a mascara from Chanel...haha...but was lost for words when i have to describe...bad at that..haha...my angel was Jerb..unexpected..haha...she bought me very nice shoes but very high too...hmmm..then the announcement came, me,Jean,Louisa and Yiu Loong changing cg..we are going over to N317..cgl will be Minghui...the few of us knew it last week and i was so sad upon hearing it..i was here for only 5 months..W351 is like a training ground for me...2 weeks after i start SOT...I came into this cg...and exactly 2 weeks upon grad..i receive the news i m leaving...its like a internship porgram for SOT..haha..that day combine cell are 2 cg that is very meaningful to me..N256 is my longest staying cg..if i m not wrong...bout 3 yrs plus..and i really mature and groow up there...then W351 is my shortest staying cg..only 5 months,,but yet most challenging..cause having to juggle between SOT, work and getting to know the cg..thought its only 5 months..but definitely good times and memories there...going to miss you guys so much..was telling Jin Lian that day that we are not in the same sub zone le...but still in the same zone..Jin Lian really know me so well,,that day i just say "Jin Lian,i still very thick skin de" immediately she know i m reminding her of the jap food treat she promised me..hee..going this sat cause no cg..cg meeting will be on thu..its zone meeting...then i just stretch out my hand..she knows i m askng her where is my grad present she say she will give me..haha..she know me really well ya..ah lian..thanks for being so generous..hee..after cg..went to Bukit Panjang to rebond my hair..thanks sandy for sitting there waiting for me for bout 2 hrs..
sunday went to svc with my new rebonded hair and with the shoes Jerb bought..feel so tall after wearing them..haha..but it hurts...the right leg only...need to get use wearing it bah...hmmm..that day ushering,my position was Brava Arena IC..it was kind ofchallenging to me...haha..thank God for Wanjun and Stephanie..they are the ushers in Bravo Arena...had a GREAT time serving with them..had helper's training after the svc and my trainer was Sijia..actually is my best friend Wanyun de..but she say Sijia got very little pple.. after the training..wentto the BK at Central and fellowship with E99 & W351...went for moive at nigth.. "Underdog"..its a very nice show..very funny..haha..went home after that..was so glad to take off the shoes..and rest my feet...fell asleep soon after i lie on the bed...
yesterday at work was challenging..hmm..Jing got exams so took leave for 3 days...Aunty Li Zhu's mother-in-law pass away..so only left tricia working from 8-12..me from 11-7...Pam 9.30-6.30 and Aunty Zhu Qin 7-5..and Helen will be here these few days bah...down with flu...so do pray for me ya..

Monday, September 17, 2007

yesterday after svc..we "celebrated" px birthday and gave him a most precious "present"..haha...before we give him...he was so touched by the way i describe the "present"..but when he open it..all of us laugh...its a empty box full of our love..haha...no la...present was on the way..well...think he got it le..n really hope he likes it:) after that...went to fellowship with cg..then a few of us went to Marina Square and Kok Siang joined us...went to Skin and saw this jacket i like a lot..it costs $138...hmmm...like it so much but need save up for rainy days ya...hee...after that we met some of the zone members at PCC...fellowship till bout 9pm and Joanne reach...me n kok siang went to meet her...had a great talk with Joanne..hee..went for supper and reach hm bout 1am..so tired...today is kayla (Ailyn's daughter) birthday...we made a video for her n going to send it to Ailyn...happy 2nd birthday Kayla..must listen to mummy ok?kayla..serene jie jie miss you..know that kayla cannot read this so Ailyn pls read to her..hee

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally got back my laptop le..hee...finally can go online le...hmmm...poor laptop kena virus thats why though connected to wireless but could not enter any internet page...Simon found out the prob and thus get rid of the virus le...hmmm...miss the times in SOT..yesterday went out with my team...only a few were there...cause Dannon is going army today...jus realise he was the younger man in our team..haha..going to miss him..dannon..stay strong ya...yesterday got earthquake in Indonesia..thank God Aljus is alright cause he stay in Jakarta...hmmm..have been receiving emails from my Taiwanese friends...so glad to hear from them..and today chat a bit with Ailyn...hmmm..going to change my blog skin...now got laptop le..next is find the time to do it..hee

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

after graduating from SOT...i felt so lost...last week send my taiwan friends off...yesterday send Ailyn and Eric off...tears were just in my eyes...stuck there but din flow down...haha...Ailyn was really there whenever i needed someone... thanks sis...will go visit you soon :)

during the last 4 months with loads of assignments and exams..when i go to work..i din feel tired..on the contrary now graduate le..more free and relax..but always feel restless at work..

Monday, September 03, 2007

finally graduated yesterday..so happy..took a lot of photos and its all in different cameras...so those who have my photo inside..please send it to me at shps1985@gmail.com thanks...A is 90-100%..B is 80-89%..C is 70-79%...D is 60-69%...F is 0-59%..i got a total of 6 As and 6 Bs...1st time in my results there isn't any C and there are so many As..haha..my total overall is B(89.5%)...0.5% more to A :( but i already very satisfied with my own result..din mange to get the best attendance...went for mission trip that time n thus need take leave and so attendance no 100%...sad sad...but its ok..haha..hmmm...really so glad graduated..but sad to see my friends leaving..Wei Lu is leaving tml afternoon..gotta work therefore cannot send her off..but maggie, amy and charlotte is flying off wednesday morning..can send them off then go work..hee..oh ya..that day Wei Lu gave me a box of donuts from Taiwan..really nice n sweet of her to do so..one of the sweetest donut ever cause it contains love inside.haha..hmm..gotta get back to work le..jus switch back to full time le..hee...oh ya..my cg bought me a top n flowers..Kim gave me flowers..my section gave me a blink belt..Wanyun gave me a very very very nice watch...2 of my friends gave me an angbao of $200...thank God for all these..got more but haven receive yet..hee..

Belt frpm 4S3

Watch from Wanyun

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