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D&D 2008 Photos
Thursday, November 27, 2008

You guys have read bout my company D&D...now some photos for all to see

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3 (Spot where I am? hee)
Group 4
Out in the sea
Serene & Sara
My colleagues
Jessie,Sara,Serene & Celestin
My colleagues
D&D Commitee with boss & family
Sara, Serene, Celestine, Vadi & Joanne
Serene & Joanne
Group Photo
Serene, Joanne, Jessie, Clara, Cindy, Emily & Yen Nee Group Photo
Serene, Joanne, Jessie, Clara, Cindy, Emily & Yen Nee
Serene,Emily,Yen Nee, Clara,Joanne,Elizabeth & Jessie
Serene & Elizabeth
Clara,Elizabeth,Serene,Joanne & Alinna
Serene,Yoke Lan,Chen Hong,Louis
Serene & Clara (My Da-Jie)
Wynne & Serene
Serene & Ann
Serene & Wynne

Birthday present for 2008
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally reach the age of 23, wanna thank the following people.

Calls & messages
Yun called at 11.55 on 17/11/2008 to wish me Happy Birthday.
Magdeline, Gwen, Michelle, Kaixia, Suting, Irene, Eunice, Delphine, Wendy, Peiyu, Ting Huan, Simon, Justine, Vincent, Peiyi, Cindy and Jessica for all the messages. And Gwen send a 5-page sms...thanks gal. Emily, Joanne, Elizabeth, Guru and Rajan from my workplace wish me Happy Birthday too. Ann pasted a self made Happy Birthday note on my computer screen this morning.

A watch from Clara (Workplace)
An ultraslim NKJV Bible from Louis (Workplace)
A $50 Red packet from my mum
A casio watch from Irene, Peiwen, Kaixia and Lee Ling (Sec Sch friends)

I know more will be coming in...will update again once i free..will be very busy at work for the next 2 weeks...not feeling well...got diarrhoea and vomit since ytd...this morning also keep running toilet...think like that a few more days can slim down...haha...but i rather slim down healthy way...pray for me ya...oh...this morning 2 colleagues say they discussing over dinner ytd and they say i slim down le...haha...gwen...must watch your diet...dun eat at midnight...not healthy ya...

Got 2 surprises from my collleagues, Gerald and Ann.
Though Gerald left the company le...but he still courier present back, that was the first one. knew it cause he drop me a msg before i receive the gift.
another was from Ann, after the small nore in the morning, she also called up those gift shop and ordered a small little gift for me, a bear hugging a basket of flowers sitting on a box of Ferrero Rocher...i was dumdfounded when the delivery guy pass me the thing, so surprise, she is just so sweet...

Bad day
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today quite sad de....hmmm...got scolded by director in front of manager...but i din do my work properly....near lunch time...could not go for lunch until i complete the work...then my manager still talk to me....drag my time...finish everything at bout 1,....passed it to my director...he asked if i ok and he apologise...though dunno why he apologise..cause i deserve the scolding for not doing the work well....but i could go for lunch in peace...finish my lunch in 10 mins...haha...then went back work...bad day :(

Monday, November 10, 2008

so sad on sat cannot go for cg...got so many testimonies to share...but shall share it here...

1) last monday went for the morning prayer meet...then i prayed that i will have friends coming for christmas...cause have not been bringing friends...on that evening itself...when me and 2 other colleagues talking bout christmas...they ask if they can come svc with me...i was like...OF COURSE...haha...God is so good...he gave me friends for christmas before i start asking around...i am asking 3 other colleagues...lets pray that they will come too...names: Ann, Clara & Emily...lets pray for them ya :)

2) Could not go Bintan for company dinner & dance le...a bit sad bout that but i prefer to thank God that monsoon happen before we are there rather than when we are there have monsoon...thank God cause i wanted to changed S$100 to spend in Bintan...but now to Desaru..nothing much to shop and I have RM$200 with me...so no need change $$$....thank God for that too...no need fork out another sum of money to spend in malaysia...

3) Last week had an important meeting..this is the 1st time i take minutes for a meeting cause normally my manager do it...and after staying back in office till 8 plus to finish writing the minutes and sending them to manager and director to vet through...my manager more strict with everything so gave comments but my director sat it was well done and ask me keep it up...my manager mentioned being my 1st minutes my director say good job means really its done well...jus that he told me need to set higher standards for ourselves :)

4) After the work...on sat late afternoon...went shopping with my HR manager,Clara...we went in this shop then she saw this nice "cross" necklace and ask me try and she say she buy for me...its RM$13.90...i was like huh?then i saw this watch that i like...RM$39.90...then she ask or i want the watch dun take necklace? then she pay for the watch...and say its for my birthday...very touched...though i always tell pple my birthday coming...haha...but when i receive presents...i very touched de...cause all i wanted is to be able to have gathering my with friends....eat n chat...present will be addtional happiness to me...haha...then had this surprise bbq,steamboat dinner with my colleagues...then happended that i wore yellow, clara wore red and sharon wore green...so we become traffice light...haha...oh ya...that day lunch and dessert-ice cream was on clara too...thank God for the blessings

yesterday after service...went to rebond my hair...today went back office...a lot colleagues say nice...then Clara say next thing is get contact lens...haha...maybe next month...or *hint* can get me vouchers from spectacle shop...hee...then going to seriously lose weight...Clara ask me go her house...cause her house got 1 room that acts as a gym just that no treadmill at home...going to control my diet too...wanna lose 9kg...haha...hopefully can lose 5 kg by Chinese New Year 2009 which is like 2 months away...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

why are people like this de?quite disappointed with the colleagues...because of the monsoon happening in Bintan....our Annual Dinner & Dance venue is being changed to Desaru...its is malaysia...we have a lot of negative feedback from our colleagues....its like one of my colleague din sleep the whole night yesterday to do this..then we have to do extra things too...and the feeback are like "wah...go desaru,...can dun go anot?just staysingapore go sentosa" or
"you all din noe beforehand de meh"...i dun work in weather forecast la..even if i work there..i wun noe...how to predict got monsoon?got response like "knew it...company no $$ bring us to bintan de la" a lot say desaru not fun,,,,but we staying at the 5 star hotel there lei...the comittee members after hearing really sian....work so hard..dun appreciate nvm...no nid say all those negative things in front of us right...if they dare..tell that to the directors...esp the part where that someone say company no $$ bring us there....how can that ever come out from someone's mouth?no $$ you can get pay meh...its like switching to desaru..we have to pay more...my director still saypay more nvm...most important is safe...it seems they dun appreciate...just let them go bintan la...get swept away by tyhoon...too late then they know...sianz...actually have a good day de...still favor with director..she just back from shanghai...she bought a lot things back for us as soveniour...she ask me go in choose 1st...before the other colleagues..means i can get the one i like best...without having it taken by others...thank God for the favor withmy director....today overall was still alright until i heard my colleagues say those things...but things arenot that bad...my colleague,Ann told us then you guys very busy right?at least someone concern and fight for us...she told other colleagues who criticise to kip quiet..haha...

this week after cg going in JB...sharon plan a birthday dinner for me with some closer colleagues...Wynne,Sara,Clara,Emily,Yen Nee & Jessie...joanne cannot go cause her friend wedding....hope Ann can try arrange and go down :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Today went for morning prayer meeting, it was very refreshing...though i wake up at 5.15am...normally i woke up at 6.45...i did not feel tired at all..went to church and begin to pray...then when i was praying...heard the worship song Walau Seribu Rebah in chinese...




Esp the words in red...ya...every min in my life...God is looking over me...He will protect me and guide me....though the whole seong is nice and i have listened to it before..but today i seem to be able to only hear this words...but they are enough to remind me of God's great love...

yesterday borrowed guitar from Germaine, we had a good talk at the bus stop...we chatted for 1hr30mins....haha...had a good time catching up...another gal who mentioned bout having me around and not is weird...in the sense when i was around they would know what are the things going on...like FOP and other events....the 1st gal who told me this was Pam...din noe i have such influence...haha....suppose to go morning prayer together but she late...she reach bout 7.15 and sat beside me...Haha...i know you got read my blog so post bout you...hmmm...we should have a 4S3 Outing...miss you guys...yolanda say her "A" Levels end 20/11/2008...we can meet up after Asia conference...

tml mornin prayer...more members from my cg will be able to come...they be able to come tue-thu...hee...at least i not so lonely

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