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Teacher's Day
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

haha...an update on all the presents i have receive..hmm..from the students: a pair of earings..a HP pouch..a stalk of flower wrap with ferero rocher..a bouquet of flowers wrap with ferero rocher and a hp bear accessory...a pack of cookies...a teachers day bear...a pen with dolphin pen holder..cards n letters..from the teachers: a bar of toblerone and a rose..haha...n got my pay today too..hee...thank you kids n teachers

yeah..tml is teachers day le...hee..today will be the time when all teachers get appreciated...i wanna say thank you to a few teachers: Mrs A Lee who taught me CDAC maths tuition when i was in p4 (1995)..u have let me love maths since then till now..thanks for inspiring me n being such a good teacher...Miss Lynn Koh who thought me history when i was in sec 3 & 4 (2000-2001)...Mrs Jenny Kam who thought me chinese when i was in sec 3 & 4 (2000-2001)...she have also help me in other area...this 2 secondary sch teachers have help me a lot along the way..not forgetting to mention Mrs Lee Ham,Miss Kit Lee & Mr Tok who have help me in financial assistance when i was struggling with finances then...my Ten Years Series n enrichment books..i dun have to fork out a single cent..its because of teachers like this..it change my life...i never can imagine myself to be a teacher...though not a full time teacher..but still impactig lifes of the next generation..i hope i can be like the teahcers i have mention n educate the next generation...Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers out there...tuition teachers r also teachers..hee..in case for those who have the same thinking as my colleague...also Happy Teachers Day to the teachers in Kids Insight(my workplace) - Miss Mariah, Miss Leong, Miss Wong, Miss Tan, Miss Xiang, Miss Sapna n our derest Aunty...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Suddenly i dunno whether this job is for me anymore..i felt so upset,frustrated at work..n the thing is not the kids that me me like that...its the colleagues...i feel jus so frustrated...feel like screaming..everytime in class...will jus cry out...then my kids discover...me quickly wipe away...haha...sometimes when i wan to quit.thinking of the kids make me stay..Kids Insight class 1 students..u r the best n sweetest students any teacher can have..hee...teachers day is 2 days away but i already got a few cards n presents...thinking of that make me perservere though how unhappy i m with my colleagues..they r jus so unreasonable,....but not all la..hee..Mariah n Aunty...thanks for being there..sorry to vent my anger on u guys at times..jus cannot take it,..u all noe how i feel...haiz...how i wish the person who say she will support me when i first got this job is still by my side..so i can jus pour out to her..but it seems that she is having her own life...wish her all the best..hope she read this post..anyway my off day comign..yeah..teachers day...haha

Friday, August 26, 2005

sorry guys...so long din update my blog...have been bz n tired..very stress up at work..pls pray for me ya..thanks..will post again maybe on 1st sept coz my off day...haha..teachers day

Monday, August 08, 2005

this weekend have been so bz for me...hmmm...friday i meet up with my attachment colleague and chit chat....well...she have helped me walk out of some barriers in my life...then sat after work...immediately go dowm Singapore Indoor Stadium for ushering for the Festival of Praise(FOP)...such coincidence...the area where i m serving...guess who booking seats there...haha...friends from Jurong Christian Church n from Campus Crusade..they took 4 rows which is 44 seats...haha...make my life "easier"....well...FOP for sat end at 10.30pm..after that i went to eat with the crusaders...then took bus to Clementi before sharing cab home so cheaper..hee...glad to get to noe a few freshman thru FOP..on sunday..i woke up at 7.30...cause i meeting Shihui, Amanda & cg members at City Hall to go Indoor Stadium together for our chruch 16th anniversary...well..when we reach Indoor Stadium...it was fully packed...but thank God that we manage to get seats n even sitting with the cg...i think the service was great...jus that this week a lot of standing...but the service was Awesome...the presence of God was so strong...these 2 sentence that Pst Kong sat kip ringing in my mind,..." those who does not have vision will go back to their past" & "those who does not have vision dun have future"...well...it shook me up...yes...i woke up..after being back in church for bout 2 months...finally..i woke up n decided to move on...BREAKTHROUGH...so happy....hee...but yesterday we sitting below the speakers...so think shihui & amanda think the service is too loud bah...after svc...we went to Millenia walk to have our lunch...then we celebrated Jie Ting & Giovan birthday there...Happy Birthday to Jie Ting n Giovan....Although Giovan is mischevious...but he really bring joy...wel..although he always bully me...but it make me forget bout unhappy moments..thanks brother....after celebrating their bdae...Sis Jin Lian, Tianyi, Jiang Ling & me took cab down back to Inddor Stadium for last night of FOP...saw Angeline my jie...hee...we stayed behind till bout 11.10..by the time i slp is bout 1 le...then 4 hrs..wake up to go work le..yawnz...so tired..GOd...give me the strength...i wanna thank God for this weekend...though it was bz...but i enjoy His tangible presence..i jus love Him more n more...and these few days help me to let go of things in my life that i never wanted for the past few months...GOD IS GOOD...Jesus is my brother...hee...oh..ya...sat bought the CROSS cd...pst kong was right...i jus felt that i m in church when i hear the songs...wow...CHC...solid la...i think its one of the best praise n worship cd...not because its from my church...but its really great....

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dear friends..tis sunday City Harvest Church is Celebrating our 16th Anniversary... would like to invite u to come... please email me at ser0214900@hotmail.com if u r interested.. thank you... some of u.. i have already call or email u bout tis.. do join us for tis fun n exciting times..

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