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Friday, November 30, 2007

last sunday redeem my present from Simon..haha,,very nice...love it..its the version:see no evil, hear no evil n speak no evil...its shared by 8 pple...thanks guys...Khoon Fai, Yolanda, Pris, Judy, Wendy, Yun, Xiong, Simon and Germaine...going to wear it this sunday :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

hmmm...this week wil be a busy week...really busy...tml be working overnight at pioneer mall giant for stocktake...form 10pm-6am..have been doing it for the past 2 tue..just that last 2 weeks was from 11pm-7am...then wed be going zoo with the children in student care...at night meeting Minghui and Nicholas...thu morning hope to meet Alice for breakfast...then in the evening after work going for powerhouse at riverwalk then go find hazel together with Minghui...fri morning meeting Gwen and Yee Teng for breakfast...then evening teaching tution...sat...working then go cg..sunday serving and get ready for BREAKAWAY CAMP on mon-wed =) so dun think will be online for a week plus...so yun dun tag to ask me update ya..haha..
hmmm..today jus confirm another tuition assignment...a p2 boy..staying opp lakeside stn...be teaching him in the morning every fri 8am-10am from next week onwards..anyway i start work at 11...normally slp til 10...jus that now mus wake up earlier...praise God and thank God for the assignment...He is our Jehovah Jireh...our provider...really always give me tuitions in time during building fund..haha..this sun will be a new start for many of us in CHC...1400 members moving back to our Jurong West building...our sun svc change from 10am to 9.30am...excited for all these and to see God doing a new movement in church...but due to this..Pris,Simon and Wendy are moving back...Yun's cg be in expo but she be going over there to serve...so dun think will have the chance to serve with her again till we meet again in the new stadium...hee..due to the change...i am back in Peixiong's team...haha..4S3B..hmmm..expecting more things to do bah...hee...so excited for BREAKAWAY CAMP...my group is ABRAHAM...and i am the leader of the group..the youngest in my group is 9 yrs old..follow by two 12 yrs old...hee...though not working but still gotta hang with children same age as my students...haha..fated..like once a teacher always a teacher...jus wanna tell N317 I love u guys...and i love Minghui =)

jus added this applacation in face book "What Color am I"...it says i m blue...the color of sky and the sea - the color of ambition, hope and divinity - you represent the potential held by each and every one of us. From the vast expanses of ocean, the very sky we live under - you're almost divine presence can be sensed everywhere. You calm and soothe like no other, and are famous for being smooooth.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

mon met up with Shing,Su ting, Jin Lian, Bernice,sandy, Cai Jun and Kai Lin...went to funan IT mall to eat pastamania...was so touched..bernice waited for me to order food...thanks gal...then wat surprise me was the celebration.thought we jus going to celebrate caijun and suting bday..thanks to everyone...they bought me a watch and i like it a lot..wanted to buy a watch on sun but decide to buy after getting my pay next week...now no need le...had a great time hanging out wif them..hee..wanted to upload the pics but think got prob so cannot :(

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yesterday 18 NOV was my birthday...firstly i want to thank all the friends who wishes me via sms...i receive a total of 56sms...they are Di Lan, Aileen, Val, Hui Ru, Clara, Wendy, Natalie, Nick, Jia Ying, Pris, Lee Ling, Gwen, Yun, Judy, Louisa, Madeline, Michelle, Hazel, Hui Wen, Kok Siang, Joanne, Sandy, Delphine, Justin, Yolanda, my BRO, Hui Qing, Terrence, Daniel, Jing Jing, Tianyi, Angeline, Bingren, Geraldine, Vincent, Irene, Jing Jing, Li Zhu, Wilma Yee Kiat, Daiqi, Yvonne, Ailyn, Kai Xia, Suting, Liting, Justine, Han Xian, Regina, Stephanie, Jin Lian, Jean, Kim, Yu Bing, Hope...hmmm...the 1st name is the 1st one...then the 2nd name is the second one...and so on n so for...friends...i really appreciate all these sms...i always kip themfora yr before i delete on my next bday..hee...hmm..there are pple who called too...though wendy sms me at 12 plus...but she was the 1st one to call me exactly at 12am...haha..those who called are Wendy, Gwen, Bernice and Siying...got a few calls from overseas too which i really was touched cause it expensive for overseas calls...Amy and Chiu Chin from Taiwan and Ailyn from malaysia...Ailyn got little Kayla to sing a birthday song over the phone for me..thats really sweet...love u kayla...and she is only 2 yrs old..hmm...was very very happy when Ailyn told me she recognise me thru the pic on her phone...miss them..had a great chat with Amy n Chiu Chin too...haha...all my taiwan friends missed Singapore and they wanna come over...hee..i miss all my taiwan friends too, Amy, Chiu Chin, Maggie, Ah Mao and Wei Lu...hmmm...oh ya...there were a few friends whom wishes me in church yesterday too...like Kai Lin, Clement, Alfred, Alex, my Cg members, Wan jun, Li wei, Roger...hmmm..sorry if u missed out anyone...cannot remember all..hee...even got a hug from Li Wei..haha..

my 1st birthday lunch was on fri..met up with Joanne and Michelle to eat at Suntec NYDC...had this really fattening dessert...haha..after that went Toa Payoh to find Justine and Eleanor...hmmm...they study at library n i went vorrow books to read...at night met up with jin lian and Jean at the airport to picK Weiying up..its not plan beforehand but very last min..at 4 plus jin lian msg me to ask when weiying coming back..i reply tonight at 9 plus..then she ask wanna pick her up and i say ok..ask ard and so jean came too...all last min..but when i saw the look n expression on the face of my beloved ex cg member...weiying..i knew she was really shocked n surprise..haha..went home that night and watch shows on you tube...being influence by wanyun..thats y her blog name is person-of-influence..haha

Yesterday went to church to serve...supposed to be a runner for my best friend-Wan Yun..in the end i told my friends i was more like a walker...haha...cause din run much...but was quite relaxed for me..then after serving...went to Raffles City Food court with my cg to have lunch...i was really touched...wat i can say is i simply love this cg...Hui Run gave me a little present too which i love..hmmm...its a necklace and bracelet...oh ya...my cg gave me a nice pair of sandals which i need...hmmm..love the birthday card that was done by Justine...after going out with cg..i met a few ushers to celebrate my bday..they was Wan Yun, Jean, Stephanie, Pris and Wendy...Judy was nt there cause she celebrating her sis bday too..yolanda was not there cause she went house warming...hmm...had dinner at Din Tai Fung then went to Coffee Club Express..had this fondue and we felt cheated...the waitress told us its big..in the end come..so small only the plate big..haha...got my "present" from them...they wrote on the paper coaster of Coffee Club Express asking me to redeem my tunik present next sunday...haha...then we went to K pool while waiting for Yolanda...it was at k pool wherei receive Calls from Amy and Ailyn...in the end Yolanda did not come down else it would be too late but met her at outram to go home together...so tired...while walking home from train station...receive the call from Chiu Chin...really really happy...thanks for all the diff ones who make my day yesterday...

thought Jin Lian forgot my birthday cause she sms really late hoping to be the last one to wish me but jean beat her to that...and receive 2 belated messages this morning...but i appreciate all these...

Friday, November 16, 2007

having been blogging for long..was busy...tue went work overnight at imm giant so wed was very tired and din go online...received my 1st birthday present of this yr on wed..it is from my supervisor...a snoopy cushion...receive my 2nd present and a very very very nice bday card form Jing (my colleague) on thu...she was on mc so she told pam to pass me...hmmm..its a very nice piere cardin wallet...last yr i also receive one of the same brand...thanks jing..i love it lots...today having my bday leave thats y till now haven slp...going out with Joanne and Michelle later...then maybe go NYP find Huiru..then go meet Eleanor and Justine...then maybe Alice n Yee Teng...i wish i can go find more people..like Gwen n Vera...or even Hazel and Hui Wen..hee..God..multiply my time..hmmm...sunday evening will be meeting Yun, Wendy,Pris and Yolanda...actually asked Judy too but she cannot...anyway i start asking only on thu...hmmm...hope this yr bday will b an unforgettable one..the saddest is that Ailyn is nt coming back Singapore but Weiying coming back..and its goin to be a long stay..she will reach Singapore 16/11/07 bout 9 plus at night..she going back only on 11/02/08...must really catch up gal...and Jane is going China tml...she be back only next fri..today is my jie bday...jie..happy bday and enjoy ur day with jie fu..hahha...hmm..here is another song i love from Carola

Monday, November 12, 2007

hey guys...if my msn send anything to u guys or send any weird msg...dun care bout it...msn kena virus after opening a folder from my member

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carola came to our church this weekend with Pst Ulf...love her songs..this is one of them

Never gonna run away
I'm not gonna hide
I know just what I feel inside

Nothing's gonna make a change
Forever with you
I'm always on your side
You're always on my mind

Invincible -- One love supreme
Unbreakable -- One land of dreams
Two hearts unite -- Insatiable
This love tonight -- Invincible

Love is like a miracle
Invading your heart
When you're struck, you know are

When it's comin' over you
You won't let it go
I'm always on your side
You're always on my mind

Invincible -- One love supreme
Unbreakable -- One land of dreams
Two hearts unite -- Insatiable
This love tonight -- Invincible

I'm always on your side
You're always on my mïnd

Thursday, November 08, 2007

recently love this song as i listen to it...but so emotional... its 崇拜by 梁静如...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hmmm...jus posted an article in the blog of my cg...but quite long so u guys go there read ya..its Teachability Expands Your Talent By John C Maxwell..the blog add is http://www.n317forgod.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 05, 2007

I love N317...love my CG leader Minghui...she is a great leader..thanks for ur persistence and love...hope i wun be 烦死..haha...love my members...Alice,Gwen,Jane,Vera,Yee Teng,Eleanor,Hui Ru,Hazel,Hui Wen,Sabrina,Jean,Louisa,Justine,Justin and Nick...going to have a outing this thu..going east coast park to cycle or rollerblade...yeah..hope eveyone can go...

yesterday just wrote down my pledge for building fund..yes..i believe financial blessings are coming..can u believe together with me?and to build this stadium for God :) CHC..we can do it..Pst Kong..we believe together with you..all things are possible with God..He is our Jehovah Jireh..our provider...

jus finish watching 公主小妹again...addicted to the show le..haha..there is a 360degree twist in the story..angela is not the real granddaughter...but is the Gong Mo Li..super dun like her..hope she is a fake..haha..wu zun still so gentle when he hug angela after she scolded her..the sweetest part was angela din wanna eat..then wun zun walk again upon hearing tt and the rest of the brothers too..even that guy who dun like gals..dunno his name..but think he is cool..he is nicer to angela now..like him more n more..think he is the coolest of al..think that Gong Mo Li is a fake...think she is cause she dun have the birthmark..photoshop...jus look at the grandpa when angela wanna be the maid..poor angela..look at the part when they play the song after the show finish..seems that wu zun n angela got prob again..haiz

Thursday, November 01, 2007

wa...公主小妹 ep 7 so nice...haha...wu zun swam for dunnno how long and ran for how long sia...in the end they got together..yeah...will it ever happen in real life?going creazy having to wait 1 ep per week...think the grandpa super funny sia.haha..so funny to see wu zun in the yellow girl's top...haha...hmm..haven been blogging...kinda lazy...haha...hmmm...went to a drama on sun..got invited by Joanne cause she is one of the main cast...quite disappointed that day...hmmm...suppose to go the the drama with a close friend but something last min crop up..she cannot go...was disappointed with the way she handle her time bah..well..its over anyway...jean accompany me to the show...saw Aileen and Gary there..and a few friends..hmm..Nick was in the show too..as one of the crew..the drama is very nice...saying how the senior citizens begin to step out and do things they thought they could not...hee...onmon..went west mall subway with Joanne and after dinner, we head to Coffee Bean for chessecake..wow..fattening..but enjoyed the time together sharing...hee...tue went vivo with pam n jing after work..to use up the tangs voucher michelle gave me months ago..hee..after that michelle came join us too..thanks Jing for the dinner at superdog and the cakes at bakerzin...hmm..delicious...yesterday went to jing, pam and tricia to clementi party world..it was tricia's last day..so sad..when she 1st came...i hardly got to know her..cause she work morning and i work noon...after sot grad then i gotta know her beta de..a very disciplined gal...hee..hmm..gotta kip in contact...oh..she even wrote me a "love" letter...haha..gal..dun u ever forget us n the kids..haha...all the best in ur new job n in sch next yr..past 2 days also very happy cause supervisor nt ard..haha..today she came..and all of us so diff from past 2 days...haha..but today quite relax...my students finish exams le so jing go rent dvd..transformer...like the show...today went hm straight after work and watch romantic princess..this week not teaching tuition but a bit too relax..cannot get use to the life...haha...Building Fund this weekend...yeah..i am part of the team that is building God a stadium...wat bout you?

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