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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is the 2nd week of SOT...wow...still as great...hmmm..though i need to sleep at 12 plus and wake up at 6.30am..i felt more enegetic then before and my colleague mention i look beta now...hee...hmmm...yesterday Bobby taught us on the topic about prayer...some of the things that really impacted me is as follow...
hmmm..Bobby mention that as we go our weekly cg...if the number of people who shares testimony is very few or if it is always those few...it reflects on the prayer life of the members...cause God is a God who answer prayers..and if we pray to God, He will answer our prayers,so we should be sharing how God has blessed us or answer our prayers...if we do not share testimony, are we saying God did not answer our prayers or are we not testifying God's goodness...then next one is
1.Jesus lifted His voice to pray.
2.In the book of Acts,120 pray in the upper room that even the people on the streets can hear them.
3.In Acts 5 when the people were being persecuted, they pray put so loud that there was am earthquake.
1)Praise: I give God my love (Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name) to praise God in different names a)Jehovah Tsidkenu--"God is my Righteousness"(Jer 23:6) b)Jehovah M'kaddesh--"God is my Sanctification"(Lev 20:8) c)Jehovah Shalom--"God is my Peace"(Judge 6:24) d)Jehovah Shammah--"God is Present with me"(Eze 48:35) e)Jehovah Rapha--"God is my Healer"(EX 15:26) f)Jehovah Jireh--"God is my Provider"(Gen 22:14) g)Jehovah Nissi--"God is my Banner"(Ex 17:15) h)Jehovah Rohi--"God is my Shepherd"(Ps 23:1) Just alone praising God for who He is will take up 10mins...
2)Purpose:I give God my life (Your kingdom come,Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven)...pray for yourself(5 mins),your family(5mins).your church(5mins) and your nation(5mins).It will have take up another 20mins...
3)Provision:I give God my worries(Give us this day opur daily bread)...after you finished praying..dun worry anymore..be specific in everything that you pray...God wants you to pray instead of worry..learn to pray till you feel your burden is lifted up by the Lord.This will take another 10mins...
4)Pardon:I give God my Hurts (And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors)..a)Ask God to forgive you...b)Tell God who you want to forgive...make a choice to forgive and release those who have hurt you.c) Ask God to give you the right attitude toward others...we need to have a right attitude all the time,even in the presence of your offenders...
5)Protection:I give God my fears and temptations (And do not lead us into temptation,But deliver us from the evil one)Put on the armor of God Eph 6:11-18 a)Waist girded with truth--Jesus, You are my truth (Jn 14:6) b)Beastplate of Righteousness--Jesus,You are my righteousness (2 Cor 5:21) c) Shoes of peace--Jesus,You are my peace (2 Thess 3:16) d)Shield of Faith--Jesus,You are my faith (Gal 2:20) e)Helmet of Salvation--Jesus,You are my salvation (Hed 5:9) f)Sword of the Spirit--Jesus,You are my living Word (Jn 1:14)..this will take up another 5mins...
6)Partnership:I give God my sacrifice of Praise (For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever)...Praise God that His kingdom is forever...Praise God that His power is now available to you..Praise God that He has called you into His glory...and this will take about another 10mins..when u add all up together...your daily prayer life can jus easily hit an hour or even more..well..of course in between all this theology..there are a lot of testimonies,"jokes" that make the lesson more interresting...
today Bobby taught us God's plan for prosperity and we were all pumped up..now i finally know why Jin Lian kept telling us to go SOT if we can...now i m in SOT myself..i really want to encourage you guys..start saving now..go for SOT next year..your life will be changed...now we are only goin thru CIC and Getting Started..but i am already blown off..imagine the months to come..well..of course Sot is not jus come listen and enjoy the word...
we jus receive our 1st assignment today..it is due on 11/05/07...every chapter we have to write 100 words and in total the book have 52 chapters..haha..Bobby say it was one of the hardest assignment..if we can complete this..the rest of the remaining assignments will be easy..haha..hmmm...pray for me ya..those who wanna know more what we learn and bout all the interesting stories..can jus give me a call..or Dannon and Tianyi..we will be more thant glad to share with you..Siying..once your papers are over..i goin tell you whole lot of it :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Finally started school in SOT Monday. Thanks Priscilla for the morning call :) hmmm..reach jurong west church at 8.15am and collected my name tag..was so so so happy when i took the tag and wear it,,.went down to Basement and book 1 whole row of seats for the rest of the ET zone members,,haha..as if book seats for CG...the other people were looking at us,,hmmm...then we had Praise and Worship, followed by a briefing by Pst Derek...yesterday was the orientation day so we din have lessons...after the briefing..we had this amazing race game..and guess what? Our very own ZS Edmund was the one plaaning,..haha..at the end of the day...our team won.,,oops...haven let u guys know my team is team 10.,..there were 20 teams altogether..we won for ourselves a $50 voucher each..yeah,,,with the voucher can purchase some textbooks le...but the total cost for all the textbooks is $270...so asking ard to borrow the books...already manage to borrow 6 books out of the 8 books i need..the remaining titles are as followed : (1) Renewal Theology (2) They shall expel demons...if u have any if these books...kindly lend to me can?thanks a lot...the renewal theology cost 100+ so really hope can borrow the book...if i manage to borrow all the books..then i will bless my friend with the voucher...Tuesday was the 2nd day of school..the 1st day of lesson..i met up with some of my team mates to eat breakfast together..it was yolanda's turn to give me morning call..haha..all ny xiao mei mei giving me morning calls...haha..no la..cause both of them in JC..then need wakeup at ard 5.30am..i nid wake up at 6.30am so ask them call me lor...hee..thanks gals :) hmmm..tue's lesson was on Church Introductory Class Lessons 1 and 2...taught by Pst Ming...Pst say this when he begin...we may have heard of the lessons of CIC a lot of times or some of us have even teach it lots of times...we might have known wat pst was goin to say the next point..but how many of us have eaten rice at least for 5 yrs...do we ever get bored of eating rice and totally stop it?the ans is no..so if we can even eat rice daily..y can't we listen to the lessons again n again which is spiritual food for us..if we dun get sick of rice..why should we even get sick with the spiritual food,,hmmm.,.because wat is true in the natural is also true in the supernatural..he is so funny..i remember i kept laughing during the class...sometimes even he himself and the interpretator laugh too..pst shared sometimes we keep on serving and serving but no one sees it,,no one really appreciates..does it mean u r useless?No..cause our heart does the most work,,and it have never taken a break since the day we were born..and we also cannot see our heart from the outside but we all know that our heart is important...same goes for our little toe...can we jus chop it off n throw it away?No..though its useless but u still need it to balance yourself when u r standing...so the little toe is also as important...so if u think u r jus a litlle useless member,,its not true...all of us need each other for support,encouragement and comfort..learn so much in SOT...though it was early..but i did not feel tired at all...thank God for His strength :) today's lesson was taught by Pst Audrey as Pst Ming gotta conduct a funeral service...he is coming back teach us for the rest of the week,,today was great too...during Praise and Worship...God's presence was very strong and Pst Derek ask those who have been hurt before to go forward..me n few of my team mates were the 1st few to be at the front and Pst pray for us n lay hands on us and we jus wept in the presence of God,,it was awesome morning,,finish the rest of the 2 lessons in CIC today..will be starting on Getting Started tml...looking forward to the lesson tml..haha...hmmm...jus got our bible reading chart..so will have some reading to do le...hmmm...dun think will have much assignments yet cause till 2nd week of May..a lot NUS students not coming cause they having their exams then they took leave from SOT...somemore during this 1 month,,Pst is goin to teach from CIC to Going on to Perfection...hmmm..yesterday when i was giving tution...i was so tired that i nearly fell asleep..think my body still not used to the timings..continue to pray for me ya...yeah...months of breakthrough will be coming soon,,,hee..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

haha...so happy...5 more days to SOT...haha..excited...nervous...happy...all kinds of mixed feeling..haha...hmmm...goin to be exciting 4 mths ahead...yeah..me aiming for the best attendance award..haha...wats more exciting is...some of my members in my 1st cg going too...like wanjun,natalie,bernice..hmm...so happy for all who are goin SOT..hee

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