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Perak - Sitiawan Trip 21/02/10-01/03/10
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21-22 Feb
Met Ailyn at bout 5.30pm at Yew Tee Mrt Station and went over to her parents place to say good bye...after we reached, they decided to have dinner over there, i did not eat anything as i was too full from afternoon's steamboat, just drank a pack of water..we left singapore at bout 7pm,and travel all the way...Salute to Eric as he was driving, it is not easy...7 hrs on the road, baby kehyen and kayla fell alseep soon after we board the car, Ailyn and I chat for a while and we felt tired, we took a nap in the car, Eric just kept onn driving, listening to the radio and sing out to keep himself awake...woke up bout 2-3 times and fell asleep again, at bout 11pm, i woke up again and Ailyn say we had lost our way, took the wrong exit and went into KL...haha...so we stopped there, Kayla had her porridge and Eric had ice cream (they ordered corn and they gave him cone) and french fries, i was still quite full so din eat anything, Eric say my steamboat really worth it, can tahan so many hours...hee..then we went on the road again, we reached Sitiawan at bout 2 plus in the morning, earlier than we expected...we estimate to reach bout 3am, but we reach earlier despite getting lost in KL...we unload the things in the car boot,wow....there are really a lot of things...they have a big house(2-storey)...haha...their kitchen is bigger than the ones in Singapore...after which Ailyn showed me my room and soon i went to bed...next morning i woke up at bout 10am, went down to play with kayla after which we went for branch, i had cha kway teow..went back to fetch Kehyen and brought both kayla and kehyen to the chinese doctor,came back and played with Kayla...she being the teacher and me being the student..then Ailyn decorate a photo frame with Kayla which she wants to give to her Callie jie jie...at bout 3 in the noon, kayla took a nap and finally Ailyn and I have some time to talk...haha...its not easy to have some fellowship among ourselves with the kids around unless they sleep...hee...at bout 5 plus, i also went to take a nap...kayla came to wake me up at 6.30 to go for dinner...went to Eric's parents place at Ayer Tawar for dinner...wow...love home cooked food, there was soup, mushroom with veg and prawn(my fav)..hee..during dinner...ailyn was saying she wants to find me a rich husband so i will stay here and accompany her...haha...and she ask kayla whether she wants me to stay...she say yes and begin to think of who they can pair me up with...and this gal dun give up so easily...haha...she kip giving names after names...haha...and some silly qns...nake me n ailyn kept laughing..haha...after dinner, we played with kayla and kehyan...its really not easy to handle both at the same time...we play with kayla we will see kehyen crawling over...we play with kehyen..we will have kayla comin to us...wow...that night kayla really had a good time, she mentioned she was very happy because mummy had no work and spent time with her...we went home and dabao mee rebus and curry beehoon on the way back...i had mee rebus and it was really nice...compared to Singapore..haha...Ailyn say she want to feed me 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper...haha...looks like i dun put on weight is fake de...haha...we watch tg shows till 1 plus, eric played the disc Bruce Almighty...so i also continue to watch the show...went to bed at bout 3am...tired..oh...i carried baby kehyan...its been so long since i last carried a baby...after a while...my hand begin to ache...haha...too little exercise...received 2 angbaos today - from Eric's mum and from Ailyn...haha...

23 Feb
Woke up as early as 8am...madness...haha...slept for only 5 hrs...went for breakfast and they brought me to eat prawn mee....yummy..the food is really tasty and it is without MSG...woo...i finish the soup as well...we went to bank to deposit the angbao $$ at AmBank...they had this promotion which is u deposit RM$500, you get a chance to go into this thing to grab the color papers, the number of paper and u take determines the gifts you can exchange for...haha...and red represents cash...well....it is not easy with all the paper flying about...the 3 of us got some gifts in exchange..hee...then they deposit another RM$500 and eric went for another round, with the experience, he grab more this time and we had quite a number of gifts, after which we went to stand chart and went to pick Kayla up from her school, went home to change and she asked me to shower her...haha...also my first time...looks like i have a lot of 1st time trying on on Sitiawan...hee...we went for a delicious seafood lunch and it was yummy..Eric invited 2 friends from Stand Chart for lunch...in the end they pay before going off..so paiseh....we went to Ailyn/s friend- Callie's shop to pass her the photo frame that kayla had decorated and i bought 2 tops there...we brought kayla back for her afternoon nap and Ailyn and i went out..noe she is tired but still brought me out...touched...thanks for being such a great host...we went a shop where her church member is working and i bought a dress there...tried 3 pcs and can only fit in 1...time to lose weight...haha...after this trip...we went to the education centre where i can finally access to my e-mails and facebook...wow...once i am on msn..a lot pple pop me questionns here and there...thenn we went back at 6.30 and rested...went for leaders meeting with them...din have dinner causen of the late lunch but we had supper...haha...eric went out to buy hor fun for me...woo...the hua dan hor really have a lot eggs...hee...yummy...went to bed at 1am...oh ya..the weather here is really really hot...cannot tahan sia..was telling ailyn this will be the only thing i will NOT miss in Sitiawan...haha...

To be continued.....

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