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Monday, January 22, 2007

went for cg on sat...1st cg of the year...at Abel's hse..its so cool..his hse is so nice...so artistic...hmmm...like it so much..haha...the P&W was good..the word everyone gave was awesome...the preachin was good too...and of course the refreshments...hee..so delicious..hmmm...after cg..went down svc with weiying,jin lian and 2 new friends...after that went down to pasir ris chalet to celebrating my bro's gf's bday...my bro drove my mum and i back..then went to bed after shower...yesterday left hse at 6...share cab with pexiong,ernest and his member cause have to reach at 7.15...Roger gave general briefing then announce that Jing Jing is leaving the ministry...all the ushers in group 4 sang this song by Zhou Hua Jian for her..but they change the lyrics..it goes like this :
Zhe xie nian, group 4 li
feng ye guo,yu ye zou
you guo lei,you guo cuo
hai ji de jian chi shen me
zhen ai guo,cai hui dong
hui ji mo,hui hui shou
zhong you meng,zhong you ni,zai xin zhong

Usher yi shen yi qi serve
na xie ri zi bu hui bian
ni de xiao gei le wo
ni de ai pei zhe wo
peng you bu cheng gu dan guo
yin wei you ni zai shen pang
bu guan ni zai nai li
wo dou hui xiang zhe ni

after singing i cry out..she was the one of those who impacted me...teach me..watch me backslide then came back and grow..who never gave up on me..thanks Jing...i love u...u will always be my leader..gave her a hug after service..but change is good..its the only thing constant in life..hee..then had a long talk with peixiong and ernest..oh...group 4 sort of got major reshufflement..my beloved wendy is goin over to 4S4 with Miki..will miss them so much...judy and pris and i still in 4S3...wendy...go over 4s4 mus grow ya..we will miss you..thanks for the friendship God have given..you will always be my xiao mei mei..hee...though i kip making fun of u yesterday but i was only kidding...wanted to give u a big hug de..but after the talk with peixiong..u guys left le...hmmm...went to dye my hair after that...wow...i trim my hair,colour my hair red...and wash n blow...for ONLY $25....then Aunty agve me free highlight too..hee...like my new hair...then after went with jin lian to clarke quay celebrate lucas n her bdae..she waited for me bout 3 hrs mah..paiseh..hee..went with her to Fisherman Whraft to eat..wa..the ambience there so nice..will bring kim,pam and michelle there one day..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rise n Shine...woke up at 8.30am today..was on leave today cause today is Ruo Yang cremation...suppose to meet Aileen 9.15 at choa chu kang..in the end call her at 9.30...she still sleeping...haha...so i went on my own..met siying at the mrt station and go together...the service started at bout 11.45...there was a lot of pple there...bout 50 plus bah...all his classmates...relatives and church friends...cried a little at the service...then we proceed to Mandai for another service there...after the service..we each took a flower and put it in Ruo Yang's coffin..that was when i could not control anymore and cry out..then we proceed to viewing hall 2 and view the coffin goin into the "fire"...that was where everyone jus broke out and cry...i cried the most then bah..haha..after that siying come up to me and say:"ithought u very strong de:)"...i told her ya..but in the end i cry le...will always miss him...hmm...Ruo Yang...rem to show me around Heaven when i get there.. :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

haven been a good week last week...hmmm...on sat...accompany Sylvia go service 1...Praise and Worship was so solid...Pst Tan preach for the weekend...also very solid...hee...hmm..after that went for support duty...then Jean ask if i noe bout ruo yang..i ask wat happen..she told me that the doctor say Ruo Yang might not make it through the night...i went down to the hospital with her,suiting and shiying..went in the ward to see Ruo Yang..though din cry out loud..but was very upset.. Ruo Yang had leukemia..he recovered but then had a replapse...then he went for a bone marrow thingy then got infection which cost his lungs to fail...that night we left the hospital at 11.15pm..at bout 11.45pm..i receive the msg that he passed away...went home that night and cry..he had been a very good bro...sunday went down to his wake..felt the peace..coz as christian..we have this assurance that we will see him in heaven again..by then..i want him to show me around heaven...changing shift with my colleague tml to go down for the funeral service..and taking leave on wed to go down for his cremation...Ruo Yang...i will miss you..my younger bro

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wow....so long din blog le...suddenly dunno wat to write...a bit lazy to blog at times...hmmm....shall start from my birthday...that was on 18-nov-2006...haha...now already 2007...hmmm...had a great 21st birthday party...what can i say?is God has really blessed me with wonderful friends...it all started on 17 nov...in the morning i met up with my sec sch friends and we happily travel all the way down to Pasir Ris...had our lunch and then went into the chalet...at bout 2.30pm my dearest cg member:Weiying was also there...we play manjong till evening time...then we went for dinner...by evening all my sec sch buddies were there and we watch the television and had our dinner...we started decorating the place at bout 11pm...while my friends were decorating ...me was there watching television..and of course got scolded by them...hee...then me begin to help them out...i was out there pasting this and that then suddenly my hp begin ringing..all the messages started flooded in..only then i realise its already 12am...its 18nov le...my 21st bday...after a while...we went up the room and beginto play Truth and Dare...at bout 3am...mos of them slp le...left 4 of us...and we play manjong throughout till the morning...then we went for breakfast...back to chalet bout 11 ....then prepare the place for cg...had a great cg...hee..then we prepare for the party again..me dressing up...will update the photos again some other time..heee....the night came and ,my relatives and friends started coming...with all the ang pows and presents..haha...for those who came...really thanks for taking the time to come...to stay to help...love u guys...special thanks to Ravi,Tianyi,Sijia,Cassandra,Hope,Michelle,Boon Meng,Yee Kiat,Jean and Jiang Ling...thanks for staying to wash up...hope i din leave anyone out...if i did...pls leave a msg in my tagboard...The guys have help me so much...Rave getting the food ready with his mum...yee kiat and ravi getting the food down...i really appreciate all these...hmmm...after the rest left...Hope,Michelle,Cassandra and I went up to the room and started opening all the presents...wow...all the presents were things i wanted or need...God is really good...then half way thru...michelle suddenly say she need go down listen to a phone call..then when she came up...suddenly my beloved sis : Pamela jump out and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY...i got a shock and realise my xiao mei have come to give me a big surprise by suddenly appearing...michelle opened the door for her de...hee...so happy...thhat i cannot stop smiling...even till now whenever i thought of it...i very happy...thanks Pammie...then at bout 1am..we all took bags of presents to Hope's house cause next day got svc...cannot possibly bring all the presents to church...so temporaly put at her place..then wait for cab together with pam...then went back chalet with michelle and cassandra..they stay over...then we shower and slp le..next day...i din even noe what time they left...thank God Cassandra called me else i be late for duty le...well...will continue the story again.. stay in tune...hee

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