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long time din blog le
Monday, November 22, 2004

Meta was great...haha...last week had a great time...the theme for Meta this year is Loving God with all your heart,with all your mind,with all your soul n with all your strength...
Day 1--- we checked into our rooms and had our ice-breaker games...had our lunch at bout 12pm..after which we have our Ministry Equipping Lesson(MEP)...for me i choose "Deepening your prayer life"...at bout 3+..we had our games planned by Stephanie and Sharon Su...haha..there r a few staions "Shuan,Tian,Ku,La"...every station there will be 2 groups competing...and the group that lose will have 2 group members have their mouths masked and the group members have to accept a challenge to saved them...the 1st station i went to was "Shuan"...when each group have to sent 1 person and hold a long pipe...and they pour "Shuan Mei Fen" into the pipe & what we have to do is at the count of 3..blow the "Shuan Mei Fen" fast enough...whoever kena lose...but the winner can only blow 3 times n have to pass on..the 1 who lose jus pass on to the next person...my group won in this round...haha...the 2nd station we went to is the bowling station..there are 6 bottles filled with water at the end of the canvas sheet...and on the canvas sheet r soapy water..what we have to do is to slide n try to get strike by getting the bottles down...when it was my turn..i slide and hit my head..it was quite loud..haha...wake up actually a bit gidy but still act act..say i m fine..haha...we lost in this station n had to do duck walk..haha...moving on to the 3rd station...i dunno how to describe it..haha..but not as fun..the 4th staion is somehting like dogs n bone but we have to snatch the other group's socks...haha...me n felicia super violent that in the end..kat call us to go back..haha...but that is the station where most of us get our blue black...we lost in this station too...hah..we win 2 n lost 2...after the games is my fav...bathing time...haha..after that we have our dinner...oh ya..forgot to mention the special item durign every lunch n dinner..the morph radio...were we can delicate songs too...thanks Victor,Ivin & Liting for being the DJs..they did a great job...after dinner...Leslie came to share with us bout loving God...have our community group time n i went to bed..the earliest...haha..i slept on mattress as there is lack of one bed....
Day 2---we had our morning session,then Quiet Time then lunch...after lunch is our MEP and after that was games..this time wound not as dirty...but in the end..we sabo the game masters and went chasing them with the water bombs...we had our dinner after that n our Final Year Package..where they ask 3 workig adults to talk to us transiting to the working world...after that we had our "Heart Expetition"...its kind like a prayer walk with stations that help to reflect in loving God with our heart,soul,mind n strength...the 1st station i went to..is where we r reminded of God's love towards His diciples n He wash their feet...and as an act of love towards our brothers n sisters...we pair up n wash each other's feet that night...the second station is soul...where we were given a peice of paper full of sins and we checked the boxes that the sins we have commited but not yet confess...i look at the list n thoguht i will just ticked a few..but i was wrong...i ticked quite a number of boxes...after that we were given this chop to chop ont he paper " redeemed" after which we nail the paper onto the wooden cross...as i nail it...i remember that Jeuss died for all these sins that i commit...the 3 rd station was we have to jigsaw the peices into a word and group them into 2 categories..this station i learn that the inner beauty is equally important of the outer beauty..the 4th station is where 2 groups of people do it together..the 1st group take a heavier garbage bag and along the way,they take out some things,wheares the 2nd group take the lighter bag but along the way they picked up the thigns that the 1st group left behind...here i learn that we can choose to put down those unnecessary burdens and u can carry additional unnecessary burdens...after this we had our cg time...after we pray,when i open my eyes...suddenly Ronald say 1,2,3 and they sang me a bdae song...n i saw a cake form Sara Lee in fornt of me..i was quite shock..imagine u jus pray finish n there is a cake in front of u meant for u...haha...i will continue day 3,4 and 5 another day..now already 12:24am le...very tired..hee

Friday, November 12, 2004

This week have been a great week but also a slacking week...our fyp will only really start after the week of Meta...so these few days i jus go out with my classmates...goin each other hse watching Dvd...yesterday my cg had a prayer meeting at Sijia's hse...our 1st prayer meet together as N256...yeah...my bdae coming soon....dunno wat i will get...hahah....hmmm...well..nothin much to say..but i miss my attachment colleagues...esp those i m closer to...and yesterday i took a bus & pass by my attachment place...i suddenly miss jogging with the few...

Running About the whole day
Sunday, November 07, 2004

haha...today very funny...We bought Sis Jin Lian something as a cg...a top,skirt,shoe,necklace n bag...it was all wrap up in a big bag..when she was here...we told her is Tim 1's present n she believed...haha...then i went down for usher brefing....then they celebrate the Nov babies bdae...me n sijia bdae falls in nov..but think they dunno coz we jus transfer over but we went forward..the ushers sang bdae songs for us n a few other ushers...haha...we took "our presents"..haha...then i ran up to rooftop to support De Wei in his baptism...then we went B2 to have our usual "Baptism Party"...haha...then i ran to B4 again to get ready for duty then Sijia told me she have to change with me...actually i serve in South under Bro Wayne...then She in Eadt under Kimberly...but she have friends coming..so we swop...but i m quite happy with my own performance today..unlike the other time...haha...after service...i ran to south again for zone debrief as i noe that Bro Edmund will announce Sis Jin Lian's promotion..haha..we stayed in the main hall so long that pst have to mention Bro Edmund's name and call us to do our debrief in other places...hee...then i ran up to Level 1 to meet Pst Audrey then ran to B2 to celebrate Sis Jing Jing & Sis Krisyl bdae...today is the actual day...haha...one is my section IC & one is my Team IC...Sis Kristl so good...today is also her baptism day...haha...i also wan my baptism day to falls on my bdae...hee...then we did recycling till almost 3pm...but enjoyed my self though its hot...i had lunch at bout 4 pm & stayed in cafe to chit chat and took pictures...sijia keep taking photos with my friend's cam..out of 80+ photos inside...almost 1/2 is hers..power sia..haha...went to Jurong Point with Amber & Clara to have dinner but end i eating only..had a bit of sharing...enjoyed the time when we share n joke...hee...well...whole day for me today is running here n there...Happy Birthday to Audrey,Sis Jing Jing & Sis Kristl..and congrats Sis Kristl for her baptism...Sis Jin Lian...so blessed to be in ur cg.. =)

Happy & Sad
Thursday, November 04, 2004

Today is my last second day in my attachment place..tml will be going out with some of my colleagues to eat at Thai Express...yummy...after which we will go back to our office n watch VCD together & maybe chat thru the nite..till early morning...hee...sounds exciting..yap yap...i be staying over with the gals for the nite...sad to leave them but yet happy to go back to sch to be reunited with my school buddies...but not happy to our books...haha...goin mad le...taking 6 modules and have to do our Final Year Project...afraid that i cannot cope with the stress...those who see this post please kip me in prayers...thanks...i jus knew that Li Nanxing open a KTV In town call "The One"....and on the 2 pillars..Li Nanxing's name is on one pillar and our own He Yeow Sun's name is on the other pillar...hee...wanna go one day...maybe celebrate my bdae there...hee..but on my bdae..i be in camp---Metamorphosis...so excited for the camp...haha...hope wun get sabo there...haha...yeah...church carnival next sat & sun...so excited for it too...hope my friends can go..one of my bdae wish is this...hee...thinking of my attachment..i think its kinda cute...when i m here...for 4 months..there is nothing much for me to do...but tml my last day...later i goin to discuss with my colleague bout one of the website we need to do n most prob i have to do it next week...and i be helping to plan the games for the camp and help out...haha...all these will be done after my attachment...haha...as if my attachment is starting soon instead of ending...i dun mind coz i love these pple...but have to discuss with my FYP group mates too..dun wan them to be unhappy bout anything coz we good friends mah...so cannot take anything for granted...hee...seems like during my "holidays...i will be very bz...haha...hmmm...will not be working my part time job soon...but dunno how to tell my parents that i need pocket $ from them coz since poly yr 1...till now..i have been supporting myself...my dad will surely ask me to get my my mum & vive versa...haiz...but i noe God will make a way where there seems to be no way...haha....

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

jus receive an email from my school bout the POLY 50 competition...excited for it...i wanna join..haha....can help me to lose weight..we have to run a total of 50 rounds of 600m....but gals run less..together is 10pple,7 boys n 3 gals...hee....its on 19 Jan...jus got my FYP grouping...yeah..I m with my kakis...Biling & Cindy...hee...this friday coming le...last day of attachment..i having dinner with some of the colleagues...but i have a crazy plan at nite...haha...need to discuss with the rest 1st...mon we be back in school to submit our log book...will get to meet my classmates again...my supervisor call me to help them to do a website..so most prob after my attachment...i will still go back but not on everyday basis...hee...well..i will miss my colleagues...a lot din noe that this fri is my last day & they were shock to hear that...i think they r great...i did not do much in the company but..haha...dunno how to say...hee...hmmm...my church carnival is coming on the 13 n 14 nov...find out more here

Good Weekend
Monday, November 01, 2004

Wow...We had a vey good sevice over the weekend...We had great fun too...haha...yesterday suppose to celebrate Sijia's bdae...not wanting her to suspect anything...i pass the present that N256 have for her to bernice...asking her help me safe keep 1st...hehe...thanks bird....but due to miscommunication...the present end up in sijia's hand before we celebrate it...haha..then Sijia took out the belt n try wearing it..happily saying that its a present from Natalie...of cozi was shock n i panick...i ran to bird n she a bit shock..haha...then before Sijia can open the cake box...Ivan ask for the stuff and say its not Sijia's...thanks ah...haha...then we realise there r some miscommunications in between...so funny...then we had our service...the sermon is bout worshipping God...Worship is not jus singing worship songs to God but it is the following :

1. Worship is WAITING upon God.
"wait on the Lord" = Lit. to entwine yourself around the presence of God.

2. Worship is UNDISTRACTED FOCUS on God.

"Worship" (Gk. Proskuneo) = to prostrate and lean forward to kiss


After the sermon, we enter into a time of worship..God's presence was so tangible as we sing :

Oh Lord,My God

All i desire is you (x2)

More precious than silver
More costly than Gold
No riches on this earth compare with you

And what can this world offer

When all i desire is you"

Most on us jus went down on our knees as we sing....and we sang the following song...singing with all my heart...i mean it with my heart...i will never be apart from God again..the presence of God was so strong that my tears jus keep flowing down my cheeks...the song goes :

"I want to sing
until I am lost in your love
Till I'm found in your presence
Worshipping before your throne
Move by your spirit
Entering into your flow
How precious this moment
Lord I want you to know
It's you, you who have won my heart
Taken me into your arms
Comforted me like a friend
Your love
Surrounded me from the start
I never want to be apart
From you ever again"

so long din have such a good time worshipping God like this le...the songs..i jus love them too..but i mean it with all my heart as i sing it...After service...we celebrate Sijia's bdae and so funny..when she took the belt...haha...she already knew the present before she open it...haha....i stay ard in church with cheryl,gil,david n wanjun...till bout 6+ then wanjun,me,jin lian,clara,joween & elaine went for dinner....suting joined us later....cheryl n clara say they want to join Usher..yeah...hee...but cheryl not sure she want usher or percussion..but clara love usher...hee...

"You are the light of the world. let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:14,16

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