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Monday, July 30, 2007

Some friends have been telling me that my blog have not been updated for quite some time le..haha..have been busy and lazy to do it..wow..counting down to 34days to graduation..quite happy n sad de..happy is after 4 months of intense fighting..finally graduatin..sad cause some of the good friends I made during these period of times are either from Taiwan or Malaysia..so they be going back..well..i told them If I have the time and finance, will go find them esp Taiwan..can shop n shop,.haha..going miss these friends when they go back, Ailyn and Eric from Perak which requires a 8-hr bus ride from Singapore..Charlotte,Amy,Ling Tze and Wei Lu from Taiwan..they are a very fun bunch of people..only when I m with them u will see me get bully..haha..but they are all very nice to me..helping me with words I dunno how to read from the Chinese bible…esp Amy :)
Last 4 days have been great battling with the devil..he must be so angry and shaken now..haha..but that definitely make the children of God and Pst Mike happy..we have deliverance session with Pst Mike on thu and fri in SOT..it was really a time of battlefield..needless to say..we won..many got set free..Hallelujah..the SOT students help to pray for the congregation after the service on sat and sun..i have such a great time punching,kicking the demons,commanding them out of the bodies of my sisters..i myself got set free in some areas too..some friends were telling me that they din know I was so strong..haha..one of the day..it took 5 gals to pin me down..hmm..yesterday I responded to be prayed for..and I told God to send someone I know to pray for me..saw Wanyun but she already got someone to pray for…could not find Ailyn so I just raise my hand and told Jean I need someone to pray for me..and she call this sister,..we kind of get a shock when we saw each other..haha..she is none other than 1 of my Taiwan friend,Wei Lu..thanks sis…i was telling my friends this joke, I think I cast the demons out till they dun dare come find me ever again..haha..
Friends..pls pray for me ya..going to be an intense week coming up…today we be receiving 2 new assignments to do..tue-thu got mock cg..thu be going for make up cg..then fri got 2 exams-Home Cell Group Leadership & Gifts of the Holy Spirit..then fri-sun got Festival of Praise in the night and sat gotta work in the morning..already cannot use my own strength..really depending on God strength now..thanks :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today was a great day in SOT..haha..hmmm..we learn on the lesson bout the Cell Group Meeting..Excellence is the attention to detail that gives rise to superior performance which leads to promotion in life. When details are not well taken care of, members lose their concentration, feel unconfortable, and get distracted. When details are attended to, the cell group meeting flows smoothly and the Lord could do a great work in the members' lives..we need to encourage our members..when u praise them,do not add a "but" behind..leave the "but" to another day..the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary because of encouragement :)
In another lesson. we learn bout the Cell Group Leader..Bro Bobby was saying everyone of us is a leader..like if we take care of children,we are a leader...u take care of siblings..u r a leader..if u say u dun take care of anyone..do u have a pet?u r also a leader to ur pet even if its just 5 goldfish in a fish tank..to me..i think one way or the other,i m a leader to my ushers, cg members and also my students..haha..Leaders are not born..they are made..Anything that is left by itself,it deteriorates..e.g a house being abandon, after a few years there will be cobwebs.spiders,insects,dust,etc. thats y we gotta have leaders in our life..e.g the leader of the house is the housewife/housekeeper :) Good leadership brings people forward but bad leadership brings people backwards..i like this the most..immediately i heard it..i thought of my students..here it goes:Respect can never be mandated..Respect must be earned..the moment u demand respect from others is the moment u will lose ur respect...as leaders, we need to have great attitudes too..one of it is having a positive attitude:1)Two men look out through thesame bars; one sees the mud and one the stars.2)The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.3)A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
The world are hungry for people with poositive attitude. The positive attitude is the passport for a better tomorrow. Confess positively to yourself everyday..

Monday, July 16, 2007

wow..these 2 days of service was great..God moved in a powerful way..He healed so many people...one of them is my best buddy,Michelle..she sparined her ankle on last tue..and her leg was in bandage..it was in 2 layers but thick layers..that the usher even need to use scissors to cut uo the bandage...she could walk and run after the bandage was taken out..she was completely healed..Praise the Lord..so happy for her..
hmmm..for this week svc..i serve in Charlie..as a runner to Jean..haha..Jean was Charlie 1 today..hmmm..well..was busy running about...haha...halfway still go help wrap presents...funny right? overall..it was a great duty :)
today after svc..Xueli had something to announce..it was the saddest news to me..haha..y lei?cause my best friend-Wanyun is going over to 4S2..my tear drop when i heard Xueli say it..haha..so silly..but i jus felt sad..tuesday is going to be the farewell..i gotta teach tuition that day..hopefully can change it.actually also dunno wanna go anot..i dun wanna cry..gotta be strong..i know she is sad too and she can't bear to leave..its harder for her to leave all of us..hey Wanyun...i will miss u..but we r still in group :) u still can come fot 4s3 outing but need pay entrance fee..haha..i really thank God for such a great friend..one who is always tere..no matter how late it maybe..cause we always talk to the wee hrs...hee..jus scared that next time when i call..she be busy talking to her ushers..haha..but i know she will still make time de bah..haha..
today after svc..went to fellowship with cg after the announcement..then went tiong bahru to breathe the air there..haha..then went to Marina Square to find Wanyun...Jean,Alex and Lawrence were there too..haha..a lot funny things bout Jean happen..but i lazy to write..anyway think Wanyun will write in her blog..so u guys continue the jokes from there bye..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

yeah yeah..have been so busy the past week..sick le..now kinda like no voice
le..haha..hmm..just had a successful shi zhi lu kou on sunday...praise
God..thought i lost my wallet but found it later..cried when i thought my
wallet was missing..but really thank God for Suting..constantly by my side
and ask me to calm down...of course Jin Lian help too by calling the Taxi
Company..and sandy and jean who kept asking if i remember where i put...in
the end Amy return me saying i left it on the table..you should have seen
the expressions on their faces..haha..so cute...
last week during lesson..Pst Kong sat beside me and my friend..we were so
happy and excited..what happen was Pst was saying Grace and Mercy will
always follow us wherever we go..so David went out as Mercy and Eric went
out as Grace..and Pst walk up and down the stage saying when u r
happy..grace and mercy are always behind u..when u are sad and facing
difficulties,grace and mercy are still behind u..and when u sit down..they
are still with u..that was the time he sat between me n my friend..haha...
hmmm...Yesterday we had practical lesson in SOT: moving in the gifts of
prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom etc. We found a partner whom we
don't know at all and give a word. I was encouraged cos the word i gave was
quite accurate for the three times and now i am more sure that the way God
shows me is by pictures and words =) It wqas really a time all of us step
out in faith..out of out comfort zone..haha...and as a result..i got to know
more friends le :)
lastly for this post..pray for me ya..my team member is going to bless me to
go for 1-day mission trip but the list is full le..pray for 22july or
19aug..somehow i still be ablt to squeeze in..really wanna go..too bad dunno
how to play guitar..not like Wanyun..haha..she going for the 22july de
:)happy for her..but yun..dun forget me during your shopping time..haha

Friday, July 06, 2007

now having my SOT break and decided to just write a post on today morning session..hmm..last few days were great with Pst Kong but will write when i have the time..this morning after worship..Pst Ming ask us to write a letter to ourselves from God..and God spoke to me a lot of things..bout my future in my work and minstry..then Pst Ming got a few students to read our our "letters"..and after 1 of the gal read out..Pst pray for her and in the end cast out a demon of fear and Pst Ming ask who have fear in them and ask them come to the front..ad cgl and pcgl in SOT pray for them..and deliverance took place in the hall..after that Pst got us to pray for ourselves and lay hands on ourselves..most of the students fall under the glory of God..after which Pst ask us to pray in tongues and interpret our own tongues and begin to claim God's word..and everything sort of ended at 11.05am..wow..so long..din even have our lesson yet..i believe when Pst Mike comes..its going to be more exciting.. :)

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