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Friday, August 31, 2007

having mixed feelings now..happy that SOT is ending..sad is having to leave the school n my overseas friends...yesterday i was doing a reflection in my life for the past 4.5 months...indeed God has been so good to me..i wanted to come SOT last year but did not just because i was afraidof preaching test...even after coming this yr..i am still afraid...classmates have been giving word of knowledge on faith..but i m still scared..but yesterday God brought to memory that not only am i gradutaing on sunday...i have already preached 4 times in SOT..praise God for that..that He had brought me through...i had tuition assignments which sum up to $500 every month before SOT..but suddenly in June...all students drop tuition..i am left with one student..having no $$..i was worried for mny sch fees..but thank God for the $200 the government give in July and my best friend bless me $50 that month..and in August..my friends bless me a total of $200 in August..so school fees was not really a prob..thank God for the blessing but on top of that..i wantto thank God for loving so so so so much...He had plan it this way that i have only 1 tuition so that i will have the time to do my assignments and study for the exams...cause i still work till 7pm daily..so if i have so many tuition..i would only reach home at 10pm daily..and assignments and exams will be a burden...but thank God for "planning out my timetable"..guess wat?i just receive a new tuition yesterday...its 2 days per week for about $250..and it starts in September after graduation...God have brought back more source of income...so i think God really love me so much that He had work out all these...and everything jus come n go at the right time...Hallelujah...
Now i wanna mention about the few friends i have made during this 4.5 months...
The 1st row buddies:
Ailyn-this sister here is from Malaysia...she be going back next week..going to miss her so much...she is always so encouraging...always being there to listen to my problems and providing solutions...she always wear a smile on her face...our miss sunshine..haha...thanks for waking me up when i nearly doze off..thanks for being such a great friend...i will really miss her de...she is such an amazing sister...though she have to take care of her daughter...but yet she do so well in her assignments and exams..she always study overnight with me for exams and motivate me when i feel like giving up..thats y thanks to her i passed all exams..of course wih the help of God..thanks too for alway nagging at me...haha...and the times of reminding not to make the 2 scars on my hand..and she is really one who have a BIG heart...love her lots...
Eric-this brother is Ailyn's husband..think he is a very nice brother..very funny too..hmmm..also an amazing guy..having to take care of his daughter and handle exams + assignments...
Madeline- this sister is from my team..she is always sitting in the 1st row with me..1 who isvery intellectual...she is a very "C" person..she is always compiling the notes..then sending out to the rest of us..she is a very good friend...studying in NUS & SOT at the same time..thanks for being my friend..will still see her around in church...
Carinne-this sister here is from Indonesia..but working in Singapore..hmmm..i knew her through booking seats..haha..she is one who will really hand on to the seats for us de..there are times i come later..but there is always a seat for me..she is one who takes good care of the few us...always asking if we have scan our cards..ask whether we wanna go and have breakfast..a very nice friend...will still see her around in church too...thanks for being my friend too..
Benny- this brother here...only got to know him around last month bah..a very nice brother who always lend me his laptop to use..one who cares too..u always see him going oppostite to buy drinks n breakfast for his friends...
Kok Siang- i am sure everyone will agree with me he is a very good brother...before he become DFO..we used to chiong towards lift 7-8..he will always run down the stairs n be the 1st to reach the hall..while i will take the lift and be slower by that 5 seconds...haha..he is a very nice guys..always fetching people to church..after he become DFO..we seldom talk because he is so busy..haha..but i really happy to have this friend...thanksfor being my friend too
David-this brother always chiong together for the 1st row..can you imagine he say on the last day of school...he want to run in..cause the last time..haha..cause we used to run in for the 1st few weeks...wqanna have memories of these..hee..he is a very good brother...one hwo care and always study overnight together for exams..the names i just mention above are the friends i always hang out with..
some others who always sit in the 1st row are Sijia, Meng Ching, Melissa, Hui Ling...
now the friends i always hang out with who sit in the 2nd row...they are all from Taiwan:
Hui Yu(Maggie)- this sister here is just older than me by 1 year...that time we have to find people we do not know and give word of knowledge and Wisdom..then i jus give her word of knowledge...that was how i got to know her..after a few days then i know she is the PA of Pst Wayne..i was like wow..haha..a sister who always like to make me..a very fun person..a very nice and sweet gal..she always tell me when i go Taiwan..just let her know..she can help me find accomodation...hee...
Hui Jung-i just got to know her bout2-3 weeks ago..all along i know she always sit in the 2nd row beside maggie but never have the chance to talk..till that day i ask her her name..i told mine is Pei Shan and she say she know..was kinda paiseh..haha..she is a very funny sister..always so cheerful too..she can be quite playful too..haha..
Wei Lu-i always call her milo..haha..so bad right..she is a very nice nice nice sister..1 who care a lot..hee..that time Pst Mike came...then i need respond in the area of fear..it happen that she prayed for me..felt so comforted when she prayed for me..haha..she will always purposely pronounce my name wrongly..haha..always "bullying" me...hee..
En Chi(Amy)-this sister here is just like my "mother"..haha..she is being concerned actually..always asking me to drink more water..she seldom drink too..haha...she is my chinese teacher..i always read the chinese bible to her and words i dunno..she will teach me..but i always escape..so only read 1 week...suppose to resume on tue..but till now i haven read yet.hee..she is always listening to me too..haha..always being so patient..and always praying for me..so glad to have known her..thanks for being my friend too..
Chiu Chin(Charlotte)-this sister here is a very good friend of En Chi..think she really carry the glory of God..can see her shine in the midst..haha...think she is a very cool sister..one who cares too..
Ling Tzu-out of all the Taiwan friend..think she is the 1st one i know..a very friendly sister..one who you can talk to too..hee..
for my team de..guys..i will write again..anyway all will still be in Singapore...hee

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Matthew 5:14,16

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