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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all reading this post :)

We have finally come to the end of 2007...i would say last yr was a yr of breakthrough for me...i went through SOT and i graduated...i completed reading the whole bible...there was breakthrough in my quiet time with God...i lost 3 kg...haha...i knew so many many friends who are the ones who were there for me when i m down...from jan-apr i was in N256..from may-sept i was in W351 and from oct-now i am in N317..been thru 3 cg in jus one yr...thank God for breakaway camp 2007 too...that was when i got to know See Wan beta and she is really a great friend....thanks gal :) thanks for always listeining..thanks for being there when i need someone...thanks for being such a great friend...though we know each other for less than 2 months...but it felt like a lifetime...haha....you are a great friend and i really thank God for this wonerful friendship...i believe God is going to use both of us in 2008...lets jia you together and rise up...lets help Jin Lian and Minghui ya...

we had our thanksgiving cg..during cg..we sang this song "thanks thanks Jesus...it really touched my heart and i jus cry out before God..the words of the song goes like this...
Thanks Thanks Jesus
Thanks Thanks Jesus
Thanks Thanks Jesus
Lord i want to thank You
How i want to thank you Lord
this yr is the 1st yr we do in cg style...normally we do it as a zone...Minghui gave out a few awards...Gwen got the "Against all odds" award...Eleanor got the "Servanthood" award...Huiru got the "best newcomer" award...Justine got the "transformer" award...Louisa got the "Best Evangelist" award...I got the "Barnabas" award..for those who do not know.."Barnabas" means "Encourager"...i thank Minghui for presenting me with this award...when she read out the names of the norminees...i thought wow...they are Gwen, Jean and myself..and some members begin to say my name...during that point...i was telling God that even if i din get that award...the members calling my name is already a recognition to me...at that point of time..i knew it there n then that people recognise n appreciate what i have been doin :)

what was more amazing was the next day during service..we sang the worship song

God of my youth i remember
Your call on my life took me o'er
Your love has seen me through all my days
I stand here by your grace
On this altar i've written my life
Tells of the story i have with you my Lord
I want the world to know

God of my forever
And forever i'm with you
My life is saved with a price
Your sacrifice redeemed my soul
God of my forever
And forever i will sing
My greatest honor will always be
To serve my Lord and King

God of my all i've surrendered
My heart find its rest in your words
Praises will not be enough to show
How my love for you has grown
Nothing matters when you're here with me
In the end just to hear you say "WELL DONE"
Bowing before your throne

when i sing to the part jus to hear you say well done..i was like in tears...i was telling God all those awards or affirmation doesn't matter anymore as long as i hear Him telling me that 2 words "WELL DONE"...yes God..no matter what i do....i do it for you..God...i wanna let u know i need u in my life...without you..i would not have been to here...without you...i dunnno what i would be now...thank you for loving me...thank you for sending Jesus.,.thank you for accepting....thank you that you are a God of 2nd chance...thank you that you accept me the way i am...GOD...I LOVE YOU...i love n317 too...dear members of N317...gave u guys the correction tape with a note cause i am going type it here :)

Minghui - thank you for being such a great leader and a great friend..thank you for loving us so much...thank you for sacrificing your time...thank you for being a leader who lay down your life for us..thank you for being so patient with us..thank you for giving us so many chances to serve..thank you for discipline...thank you for not giving up...
Alfred - thank you for being my friend..thank you for the encouraging msg that you send...jia you in the coming yr and i hope you will know God more n more :)
Alice - thank you for being part of this family..thank you for loving God...Hope u will excel in ur "o" levels this yr...
Eleanor - thank you for the times when we were on the phone...thank you for encouraging me..thank you for being my friend..thank you for being so loving..thanks for always being so willing to serve...going to miss u so much when u r away..will kip u in prayers...stay strong ya :)
Gwen - thanks for being a friend...thanks for making me feel so welcome when i 1st join N317..thanks for being so encouraging...thanks for always been so willing to serve..thanks for willing to share...thanks for perservering in Christ..thanks for everything gal...hope to get to know u even beta this yr and hope we can share...jia you in ur o levels
Hazel - thanks for being a friend...thanks for being so cheerful always bringing joy to the people ard you...hope to see u grow more in the Lord.. :)
Hui Ru - thanks for being my friend...thanks for the times of sharing...thanks for your love....thanks for being encouraging..stay cheerful and kip growing in the kingdom of God :)
Hui Wen - thanks for the friendship..thanks for being so cheerful always...bring joy into N317...thanks for making a diffrence in the cg...jia you in ur o levels...u can do it de.. :)
Jane - thanks for being part of this family..thanks for being so cheerful and bringing joy into the cg together with vERA.,..hope to see u grow even more this yr...
Jean - thanks for the friendship..we have known each other for very long le...hee..bout 4 yrs bah...or 3 yrs plus...thanks for being so patient with me..always "tahan" with my nonsense...thanks for always being there...thanks for bring joy to the cg...thanks for alway being so encouraging...thanks for the times we chat over the phone...thanks for sharing...thanks for always believing in me...
Justin - thanks for being a friend...thanks for being part of this big family...hope to cya ard more:)
Justine - thanks for being my friend...thanks for always bring there to hear me out..thanks for being one who is always there...thanks for ur love for God that at times it push me forward..thanks for being encouraging...thanks for being part of my spiritual family..jia you in ur o levels...
Louisa - thanks for being my friend..thanks for the encouraging sms and the short msg u leave in my tagboard...thanks for always being so willing...thanks for sacrificing...thanks for always being there to "tahan" my tantrums or my nonsense..thanks for eveything...jia you for the coming yr
Nick - thanks for being my friend..thanks for always trying to make the new friends feel so welcome esp the brothers...thanks for being booking seats every sun.,..thanks for everything :)
Vera - thanks gal for being my friend..thanks for being so positivew always..thanks for being willing to share...thanks for being so enthu in becoming cgl..that push me on....thanks for being such a great friend to all...hope to have more inspiring conversation with u in 2008 and hope to see u grow n know u beta :)
N317 - thanks for making a difference in my life...we are all body parts and we make up a body.,..we need each other to help each other grow...thanks for playing a part in helping me grow in the house of God..thanks for being so loving...i love u guys :)

We went to sent Eleanor off on monday..it was christmas...my dear sis is going to Finland for 4.5 months of exchange program...gal...i fight back my tears that day and i m glad i din cry in front of u...haha...i miss u a lot....i noe that u are going to come back more mature n stronger...cause you have to make ur own decisions there....hmmm..i will kip praying for u...do kip us updated ya....and advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you...dunno when u can come online but i be waiting...hey gal...N317 WILL MISS you so so so much...do call us often :)

After sending Eleanor off...we went Padang to countdown...looking at the nice fireworks...after that went to Aileen's house for overnight mahjong session...i slept the whole day yesterday and i thought i would not be able to slp at night but after eating my cough syrup..i slept til this morning and even overslept...so tired...today i working 8am-7pm...today a lot new p1 kids and Jing is on leave.,..stress...do pray for me cause me also having sore throat

"You are the light of the world. let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:14,16

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